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Murchie Constructions is a second-generation family-owned business and values both staff and clients alike.

With the commitment to quality and stakeholder satisfaction being its biggest motivator, Murchie Constructions strives to ‘Exceed Expectations through Excellence in Construction’. The solid and lasting associations that Murchie Constructions has with clients, subcontractors, consultants and staff are reflected in the superior quality of construction that it produces. Having a team that is committed to delivering high calibre work and who share a common goal for meeting and exceeding client expectations reflects the values of the company.   

Supporting our local community

Murchie Constructions proudly supports the local community, school, cultural and sporting events throughout the year. Wherever possible, it engages local subcontractors and suppliers, with many of these subcontractors travelling to complete projects for Murchie Constructions throughout Queensland. The mutual respect that Murchie Constructions and its subcontractors and suppliers have for each other is based on years of trust working together in the industry. Clear, open and concise communication is fundamental to the success of a project. Murchie Constructions prides itself on its communication with clients, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.  

Investing in our future in training & technology

Investment in training and technology has enabled Murchie Constructions to take on large multi-million dollar projects and be competitive with larger city-based construction companies. In addition to this, advancement in technology has enabled Murchie Constructions to improve its quality control procedures and continue to deliver projects to the high standards of construction that the company is renowned for.

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