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‘Design and Construct’ is when a builder coordinates the whole project from the design phase right through to completion.

There are many advantages of engaging a builder on a Design and Construct basis:

  • There is less chance of your ideas being diluted as they pass through various stages of the process as you are involved in each step of the way
  • Builders have a better understanding of costs and how a design will impact the end price. Having the builder involved during the design process will assist with keeping the project on track to meet your budget.
  • The consultants know who the builder for the project will be which allows better collaboration within the project team during the design process
  • The builder has a better understanding of the project as he was involved in the design process and understands the client’s requirements.
  • Any site-related issues are identified by the team early and factored into the design process
  • Engineering and compliance issues are identified early and factored into the budget

During a Design and Construct project, the builder, designer and engineers work collaboratively to provide the client with a design that is functional and meets their requirements. The client’s budget is identified early in the planning stages, and the teamwork together to meet the client's budgetary requirements, offering solutions for problems and options for cost reductions when required.

Design & Construct FAQ's

This is probably an unlikely situation due to the close involvement you and the builder have had. During the design phase of the project, the builder will provide a budget estimate. The main aim is to work to a budget, however, the project is staged into 2 parts and you will be invoiced for the design phase separately to the construction phase.

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