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While project builders and standard house designs have their purpose, sometimes it is necessary to have a custom-designed home.

Tailoring a design to your individual living requirements, specific needs or a difficult or very special piece of land gives you the satisfaction that your design is unique. Murchie Constructions can help you design a home that is distinctively yours by working in conjunction with you, architects or designers and consultants to deliver your dream home. Our in-house Interior Designer can assist with internal design and finishes and Murchie Constructions’ team of experienced carpenters, subcontractors and suppliers will ensure quality is maintained and your expectations are met.

Building a home is one of the largest investments you will make, so thorough planning is essential. When designing a home, there are many considerations to make including site, aspect, climate, the way your family functions and personal preferences. Sometimes this can all be a little overwhelming, and that is when engaging professional designers and builders early in the planning stages is advantageous.

With Murchie Constructions’ extensive experience in the building industry, they have the knowledge and connections within the industry to bring your project to life. There are many commercial products that can be utilised in a residential build to provide your home with a unique difference, and with Murchie Constructions' exceptional Project Management skills, your project will be in good hands.

Custom Residential Construction FAQ's

Murchie Constructions specialise in custom designed homes, so build plans that have been designed by an architect or draftsman

Put aside some time to meet with our team who can discuss your requirements and put a plan in place to develop your ideas onto paper. We can coordinate the design process in conjunction with architects/designers, and manage the construction from concept through to completion

Murchie Constructions would be more than willing to quote your home for you and understand you may be getting more than one quote. Our tip to you would be to have a comprehensive list of inclusions and finishes and that you give the same information to all builders quoting your home so that you can compare apples with apples when all quotes are received.

Need advice for your next build?

Get the advice you need to save money and achieve the outcomes you need for your next design or build project.

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