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Murchie Constructions recognise that maintenance and renovations, both commercially and residentially, are equally as important as a new project.

Regular maintenance will reduce long term problems and renovations are often necessary as a business evolves and its needs change. Our team often travel throughout Queensland to service clients who have built a project with us and who require maintenance work performed. Murchie Constructions is also the preferred maintenance contractor for one of the major shopping centres in Bundaberg. 

Depending on the extent of work required when renovating, sometimes it is necessary to upgrade services such as electrical, fire services, smoke alarms etc. There may also be permits required to carry out the works which will usually result in additional documentation and certification requirements. Some renovation and maintenance work may involve asbestos which requires a specialised contractor to be appointed in order to remove it safely. 

Murchie Constructions is experienced in renovation and maintenance work, which forms a large part of its portfolio. Renovations and maintenance work is often required to be carried out without disruption to a business. This requires careful planning and staging of the works which is something that Murchie Constructions is experienced with. Murchie Constructions also has an experienced and qualified Interior Designer who can assist with alterations to plans and the specification of materials and colours if required.

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