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Choosing a Builder for your next Project

Do you have a construction project pending, but the thought of choosing a builder is too much to bear? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Undertaking a construction project of any kind is daunting, let alone costly and a huge investment of your time. Let us give you some guidelines to make things a little easier and give you some inside information so that you are making an informed decision:

Prepare a list of inclusions

When getting quotes for your project, have a comprehensive list of inclusions listed for both external finishes and internal finishes so that all builders are quoting the same thing. Sometimes it is good to have a scrapbook of ideas that you can share with the builder so that they know exactly the style you are looking for. Do some research into products such as appliances, light fittings, sanitary ware etc so that what the builder is quoting is exactly what you want.

Have Soil Test and Engineering prepared if required

It is a good idea to have engineering done prior to sending your project out for quoting. This ensures all builders are making the same allowance for ground work, and not making assumptions. All sites vary – soil tests range from stable sandy sites to moderately reactive, highly reactive and problem sites. The soil type greatly affects the slab design and consequently the cost. Usually your draftsman or architect can arrange to have the engineering done for you.

Have a detailed list of questions to ask all builders

When building, there are always a number of questions to run by your builder. For example, you might like to ask the builder about their availability and when they could start your project, how long the project will take to complete, whether there are any hidden costs that will not be included in the quote. You might also like to check whether there will be a dedicated foreman working on your project and who the main point of contact will be. It is also a good idea to check the builder’s QBCC Licence is current and they are licenced to do the type of work required for your project. Ask them what kind of Contract you will be entering into and always seek legal advice if you have any concerns prior to signing the Contract

Price isn’t always everything

Once you have received quotes, don’t fall into the trap of accepting the cheapest quote straight away. Compare the quotes thoroughly – sometimes if it seems too good to be true it sometimes is. Make sure you read any exclusions listed on the quote and ensure all your requirements are included.  Also check on the start and finish times as this can also impact on the cost if it means you have to extend a lease or find somewhere to stay temporarily. Perhaps one builder has taken the time to visit the site and has seen something which may impact the cost of the project. Maybe the builder offering the cheapest price hasn’t been to site so you might end up paying more in the long run. Consider everything, and sometimes going with your gut feeling is the best way to go.

Ask the Builders for references and to view other projects

Most builders will be happy for you to approach previous clients so that you can ask them about their experience. This may help you make a decision based on what previous clients have experienced. Be sure to ask the previous client how the builder communicated throughout the project and also how any issues were dealt with (if there were issues). Problems are inevitable, however how these problems are dealt with makes or breaks a client’s opinion of the builder.

Having a positive experience when building means you will enjoy the finished result more than if you had a bad experience. In our opinion, one of the key elements to a successful builder/client relationship is good communication and offering positive solutions to problems if and when they arise. 

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