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6 Home Design Trends Of 2018

Modern house design trends

When it comes to choosing the best home design trends of the year, it’s all about choosing the ones that will last. And, although it’s only halfway through the year, we have a pretty good idea of which ones they are!

So before you jump on your next home renovation or homebuilding project, have a look at our list. These home design trends of 2018 can transform your home into a design masterpiece with ease.

#1 One of the best home design trends of 2018 comes from the kitchen and involves lots of colour!

Kitchens: they’ve long been among the most utilitarian spaces in the home. And as we all know, utilitarian rarely translates to good design! But that’s changing, and it’s all thanks to one simple addition: colour. Colour has slowly seeped into modern kitchens, and we reckon home designers are really starting to get the hang of it. Nice subtle colours seem to be the most effective, and they really add a warm layer to the décor. Why not give it a go yourself?

#2 Farmhouse sinks are one of the more rustic home design trends of 2018 and they look great

The farmhouse sink is another great example of kitchens catching up to the design world. But they work in any part of the house that has taps – from bathrooms and en suites, to laundries. Farmhouse sinks are those deep, wide, and normally rectangular sinks. They are super practical and very easy to clean. And above all else, they look fantastic! No matter where you put a farmhouse sink, it will slot right in.

#3 People are realising the power of lighting and that a great home design trend of this year

Home design trends are normally about switching up layout, or adding more colour. Little is often said of changing the way we see layout or colour, though. And that’s where lighting comes into the fore. More and more, homeowners are turning to targeted lighting with strategic placement and beautiful fittings. These are revolutionising the way we establish depth and ambience in interior design. That makes lighting one of the most powerful home design trends of 2018.

#4 Polished concrete: when a house design trend meets an urban flooring statement!

Stone has always been one of the most desirable flooring and benching materials in house design. But its price places it out of range for a lot of homeowners. And on top of that, stone can often be a little too opulent for the average homeowner. And that’s why many are turning to polished concrete. It’s far cheaper, more understated and, in our opinion, absolutely stunning! It’s definitely one of our favourite home design trends of 2018.

#5 Minimalism is dominating house design trends in 2018 and there is so much you can do with it

We’ve seen some pretty interesting home design trends pass us by over the years. A lot of these have involved big and bold statement pieces, which may have been in at the time, but which quickly dated and left us all wondering what exactly made them so popular. That’s why it’s refreshing to see minimalism dominating home design trends in 2018. After all, an absence of interior furnishings can’t exactly go out of style…

#6 Natural timbers are becoming more prevalent in home design trends – here’s how!

Finally, let’s take a look at our reliable old friend natural timber. Natural timber has always been a stalwart among home design circles. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with timber in your home, and it’s only getting better over the years. But if we had to pick a favourite home design trend of 2018, it would be rough natural timber sleepers combined with polished concrete flooring. That is a combination of such beauty it has to be seen to be believed!

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