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Two Project Managers On Building Site

Exceptional project management is fundamental to the success of any construction company.

Correct staging, scheduling and coordination of trades is critical to ensuring a job runs smoothly, on time and on budget. Experience is essential when it comes to Project Management and Murchie Constructions has years of experience in this field. It only takes one trade to be late, or one order to be missed and this can have a significant impact on the progress of the job.

When it comes to scheduling, relationships play an important role. Having good relationships and open, clear and concise communication with subcontractors and suppliers facilitates the smooth coordination of a project. Murchie Constructions has forged strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers both locally and out of town over many years working in the industry. Through these relationships, trust has been established and subcontractors and suppliers understand the high level of quality and service that Murchie Constructions expect for its clients.

Communication with the client and consultants also plays an important role in the success of a project. Good Project Managers will keep the client up to date with any issues being experienced on-site and will offer solutions to keep the project on track and meeting the construction program. Murchie Constructions prides itself on strong communication and acknowledges stakeholder satisfaction as a key driver in the success of the company. It is through satisfied customers that referrals are made, and repeat business is secured.

If you are trying to manage a project yourself and don’t have the required knowledge, Murchie Constructions can assist by ensuring the job is well-coordinated, meets all the required standards and has all the necessary approvals required to achieve Practical Completion.

Project Management FAQ's

Murchie Constructions can be engaged as a Project Manager to coordinate trades, schedule the work and oversee the project ensuring all approvals are met and the project complies with relevant Australian Standards, National Construction Code of Australia and local authority requirements

Murchie Constructions can be engaged on a Design and Construct basis, and through collaboration with you, designers and other consultants, Murchie Constructions can coordinate drawings, obtain necessary approvals and then build the project for you, managing the whole process from concept to completion

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