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Trending Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are important from a design perspective. In them, you really store the heart of your home’s décor. So it’s important that your living room incorporates all the best ideas. And by that, we mean the modern classics! But what exactly are the modern living room ideas that are trending at the moment? In truth, there are too many for one list alone. But we do have some absolute favourites! That’s why we’ve put together this list of modern living room ideas. Hopefully, these ideas will bring your living room into the 21st century of design.


Modern living rooms love natural finishes – that’s why timber is always a good idea

Natural finishes are a central tenet of modern living rooms; anything natural is a great idea. But of all the natural finishes you could choose from, timber is the pick of the bunch. Timber finishes are just so versatile, it’s hard to believe. They can occupy the most elegant modern living rooms of the city, or the most robust of the country. Timber can be fashioned to embrace its imperfections, or it can be finished to remove them altogether. With timber, you can really do no wrong. So if you’re gearing up to redo your living room, timber would be the place to start.

Centrepiece chairs belong in modern living rooms, and antique design ideas are popular choices

It’s been a while, but they’re back; that’s right, centrepiece chairs have made a return. And we think they’re here to stay. It was touch and go for a while there; couches seemed to overpower chairs in terms of living room presence. But, thankfully, we are seeing a strong resurgence of beautiful, antique chairs designs. These chairs really are the perfect statement piece. They’re understated, elegant, and, above all else, very comfortable!

Modern living room ideas belong best in living rooms with clean, clear lines – here’s why

Modern living room design ideas are really a cut above the rest. They just seem to make space expand, and light sharpen. So how do they do it? Well, there are a few tips and tricks. But the best, by far, is clean lines. By that we mean, clear, straight, and distinct edges. Clean lines like that define space in a way that few things can. Without those clean lines, it becomes hard to tell where one feature ends, and another one starts. But with them, it is clear exactly which items occupy which spaces. And on that distinction, you can build a truly stunning living room.

Minimalist isn’t quite the modern living room idea you’re looking for – but it’s close!

Minimalism is a step too far for most living room designers. Sure, it’s a modern living room idea that stands out. But in reality, it’s a little impractical. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon it altogether. We reckon minimalism has a bit to offer when it comes to modern living room ideas. Mostly, it encourages space wherever possible. As a result, it’s a great way to ensure those clean, clear lines we mentioned earlier. That is, if you don’t take it too literally; you should be allowed to keep whatever bric-a-brac you want, after all, even it creates clutter.

Your choice of furniture will make or break your living room – here are some modern ideas

Finally, let’s talk the jewels in the crown: furniture. Your choice of furniture is the key to tying your living room together. No matter how good your modern living room ideas are, they can be made or broken by your choice in furniture. So get expert help if you need, and make sure you do your research before buying furniture. Doing so could be the difference between the best modern living room ideas, and the ones that fall short.

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