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Styling A Master Bedroom: Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom design ideas

Styling bathrooms and kitchens is great, but you’re a little constrained. Those spaces need to accommodate a whole range of practical extras.

But styling a master bedroom is a whole new project. Your master bedroom is a unique expression of you, and we think you should be styling it as such! Without the need for sinks, benches or showers, you have the opportunity to exercise some creative flair when styling your master bedroom. So take a look at a few of our top tips!

Coral colours with your linen: they’re fast becoming a staple tool in master bedroom styling projects

Coral colours have been tabooed for a little while now, but we are pleased to report that they are entering the mainstream. And their resurgence is a far cry from the excessive and overwhelming colour splashes of the 70s. The new and emerging coral colours that we are talking about are subdued and elegant, but at the same time playful and pretty. They add some colour and excitement to your master bedroom, without overpowering it. In fact, with the right styling advice, you can use corals as liberally as neutrals! But, if you’re not sold yet, try coral linen. It’s a healthy and discreet compromise.

Styling the walls of your master bedroom with neutral colours sets up the perfect focal point!

Speaking of neutrals, let’s talk colour schemes and focal points. If you have a painting or theme you want to promote in your master bedroom as a focal point, colour scheme is your best tool. The simple fact is, you can’t have an overpowering colour scheme if you want to create a focal point. Instead, you need a nice consistent, elegant and understated scheme. That’s where neutral colours come in. Neutral colour are a great styling tool for your master bedroom, and they form the perfect backdrop to a bold focal point – whatever it is!

Styling your master bedroom with clean lines is an easy way to garner a spacious, clean feel

You’ve probably heard of clean lines a fair bit now. So what are they? Clean lines can be a whole range of things, but we like to take the meaning of the term literally. By introducing patterns with clean, distinct, straight lines, you can direct the décor of your room effectively. The best way to do so is with geometric or grid patterns on bed linen, or rugs. You can even go for a wall paper! This approach is great to make your room feel more spacious.

If you’re prepared to go the whole hog, call in some construction specialists to widen your window!

What if a simple colour change isn’t enough for your master bedroom styling project? If that’s the case – why not call in some construction experts to widen your windows. Window widening can literally change the perspective of your room. It improves views, natural lights, and spaciousness! But, you should leave it to the experts. Some window columns are structural, and altering them can be tough.

Worn wood: get the distressed timber look into your master bedroom with this styling tip!

Finally, rustic styling is great in almost all master bedrooms. It’s also easy to achieve. Simply source some whitewashed, weathered, or recycled timber, and create a feature wall. Another even easier approach is to get distressed timber furniture. This pairs well with timber or polished concrete floors, and Persian rugs. It’s also a pretty straightforward DIY job that you can attack over a weekend. And believe us, the results will be transformative – and that’s exactly what master bedroom styling projects are all about!

If you’ve got any questions about styling or refitting your master bedroom, contact us today.

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