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Budget Bathroom Renovations: 5 Affordable Tips

Budget bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations are the perfect gift to yourself – and to your family too. There’s nothing like achieving that luxury resort feel in the home you already know and love.

But bathroom renovations do seem like a bit of a luxury – how can you make sure yours stays under budget? There are plenty of creative ways to complete a budget bathroom renovation. In fact, some even offer a more appealing result than more expensive alternatives. So let’s take a look at a few – here are our five favourites!

#1 Floor to ceiling tiles are expensive: try tiling to eye height instead

Floor to ceiling subway tiles are one of the most elegant looks in bathroom renovations at the moment. But, more tiles means more labour and more money. How can you get that floor to ceiling elegance without the price tag? It’s simple – don’t tile all the way to the ceiling. You would be amazed at how well you get the floor to ceiling feel by tiling to eye height, or even lower. This is a great tip for smaller bathrooms as well. By leaving the upper wall untiled, you can create a feeling of spaciousness while enjoying the sleek detailing below.

#2 Keep your bathroom renovation under budget: go for a repaint rather than a refit

If your bathroom needs some love and care, you can probably feel your wallet tingling. How can you restore your bathroom to its former glory without breaking the bank? A simple coat of paint is normally a good start. Stripping away old and deteriorating paint and replacing it with a new layer will work wonders. You can even mix up the colour scheme to add some extra character.

#3 Prioritise: budget bathroom renovations are all about making the tough calls

Although you can get close to having it all with budget bathroom renovations, you may need to pass on a few luxurious extras. So when it comes time to choose, you need to make the tough calls. As much as a new clawfoot tub would be stunning, it may just set you back a little too far. To help you make these calls, we recommend focusing on the practical necessities. More often than not, these are more than enough to get a stunning, and affordable, finish.

#4 Get the latest look on a budget: try an exposed concrete floor for your bathroom renovation

If you want to dive right into the latest design trends, we suggest the exposed concrete look. If your bathroom renovation can budget for a new floor, then an exposed concrete one is likely to be the cheapest. You can tear up existing tiles and grind back the concrete underneath for a polyurethane finish. Or you can have an entirely new slab poured and polished. The former option is going to cheapest, but it will need a refinish every few years.

#5 Cast a new light on your bathroom – and keep your renovation well under budget!

Finally, let’s get extra creative with possibly the most budget bathroom renovation tip yet: lighting! Lighting allows you to see your bathroom in a whole new light – literally and metaphorically. Whether you want a deep and moody atmosphere, or a bright and bubbly one, targeted lighting is your key. Your choice of lighting will also determine how practical your bathroom is. For example if you need a well-lit mirror, then a good lighting solution will make all the difference. The best part is that lighting is comparatively cheap in the realm of bathroom renovations. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your creativity. So get in touch with some bathroom renovation specialists and see what you can manage on your budget!

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