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Best Home Design Trends for 2019

2019 Home Design Trends

Every year sees a changing of the guard when it comes to home design trends. And 2019 is no different! Already, we are seeing some of this year’s fledgling trends cement themselves as worthy contenders.

So let’s take a look at a few. Sure, they may be trends now. But we have a good feeling that these home design trends are well and truly in it for the long haul. They might even earn a place in your upcoming homebuilding project!

Natural materials are dominating 2019 home design trends – and it’s easy to see why!

Natural materials have always extracted a mixed response from home designers. Some love them, others don’t. But one thing is for certain: home design trends of yesteryear didn’t seem to take the them. However, that seems to be changing. Among 2019’s newest and most solid home design trends are plenty of natural materials. Raw metals, rough timbers, and sturdy stone finishes are all featuring in some the of the most impressive homes this year has offered us. And looking at those homes, it’s hard to understand why this home design trend is only emerging in earnest now. As far as we are concerned, natural finishes warrant consideration anywhere from urban streets to the outer suburbs!

The sustainable edge is present in all 2019 home design, and it’s more than just a trend

Sustainability is a bit of a keyword at the moment, and for a good reason. But there’s more than just satisfaction that sustainable home design can offer. In most cases, sustainable home designs are also more liveable, and easier to maintain. The reason is simple: sustainable home designs harness the natural environment to create comfort. For example, well designed doors and windows capitalise on sweeping breezes to keep you cool. The result: less money spent on air conditioning! Sustainable home designs are as much a trend as a technology. Our take on them is simple: get amongst it!

Copper colours: they have earned a place among 2019’s home design trends

Copper is a unique and inimitable colour. So it wasn’t very surprising to see it emerge as one of 2019’s premier design trends. Home designs seemed to be flirting with copper fittings and shades last year, but they have really found their feet coming into 2019. With the right guidance from experienced builders and designers, copper has something to offer just about every home. And we’re talking about more than conductivity! Copper finishes are completely unique; they age with your home and adopt an appearance entirely of their own. When you add them, you never know quite what they’ll look like in years to come. But what you do know is that they’ll look amazing!

Brass fittings are another metallic masterpiece in 2019’s home design trends

Brass is close friends with copper; it’s no surprise that the two burst onto the 2019 home design scene. Like copper, brass ages in a relatively unique way – although with a little less rustic edge. Brass is a generally more predictable home design addition, but it always has something to offer. If you can make it work with your home design, you’re sure to be satisfied with the outcome.

Concrete: polished or raw, it’s an interesting addition to the home design trends of 2019

Finally, it’s hard to write a list of 2019 home design trends without a nod to concrete. Exposed concrete walls, floors, and even tabletops have made the cut a few years running now. But it never ceases to amaze us just how creative builders and designers can get with humble concrete. It may have carried from last year, but this home design trend has definitely earned its stripes in 2019.

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