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Home Design Trends 2018

Reading nooks are a 2018 home design trend that we can't get enough of

2018 has been a big year in home design trends. It has seen the slow decline of minimalism, and the rise of loud and proud individualism. The time has come for your home design to celebrate you – not the other way around!

That means that now, more than ever, you are in control of your home design. But that doesn’t mean getting to know a few of the latest trends isn’t helpful! In fact, the trends we have listed are all about bring the focus back to you – so read on and enjoy.

Personality is big in 2018 home design trends, and that’s obvious when you look at fittings

Personality: it’s the new centrepiece of home design. And, as with everything home design related, the devil is in the details. The best way to let your personality shine through in your home design is to choose everything from the ground up. That means quirky fittings galore! Whether brass, stainless steel, copper, or iron, fittings can subtly convey certain ambiences. There’s no better way to distinguish your home design than with some carefully chosen fittings.

Cabinetry: it should store more than just your things, according to this 2018 design trend

We don’t normally notice it, but cabinetry actually occupies a lot of the visible space around the house. So why not use it to your advantage? They way we see it, cabinetry is a big blank canvas for you to paint as you please. You can get creative with its configuration, its colour, its size, and its location. But above all else, you should make sure your add a bit of a personal touch. 2018 home design trends are all about celebrating yourself, remember.

Reading nooks are one 2018 home design trend that we cannot get enough of!

Reading a book in a reading nook is one of the most universally relaxing things you can do. So, as far as we are concerned, it’s no surprise that reading nooks are dominating the 2018 home design trends. But if you don’t have much space to spare, can you cash in on this trend? Of course! With an experienced homebuilder, you can add a reading nook to just about any part of your home. In fact, the job is likely to be less intrusive than you think. Sometimes, it’s as simple as removing a surplus cupboard or wardrobe. So treat yourself – look into a reading nook, and enjoy a quiet space that is uniquely you.

An eclectic collection of exposed shelves is one 2018 home design trend that allows you to showcase you!

It’s easy to get carried away with storage solutions. That’s why we are happy to see this 2018 design trend: the exposed shelf. This really strips back the shelf to its bare utilitarian state and shifts the focus to what’s on the shelf. In other words, it takes the focus away from the shelf itself, and onto you. So display your eclectic collection of keepsakes with pride!

2018 has seen the emergence of multi-material benchtops – a home design trend that invites customisation

Finally, let’s talk benchtops. They seem to warrant a mention on a list of home design trends every year, and 2018 is no different. But what makes this year’s bench top trends different? To us, it’s the freedom they exhibit. Multi material benchtops are all about getting the best of both worlds. Combining things like stone and timber allow you to get more natural finishes into your home, complete with a stark and unique contrast. And when it comes to bench tops, that’s pretty big news. Benches have long been a symbol of prestige, and it’s nice to see that heavy label being shed by 2018’s design trends!
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