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7 Building Maintenance Responsibilities for Business Owners

Building maintenance

Like our homes, businesses will require periodic building maintenance to ensure not only safety but also the smooth operation of the business. The maintenance of a building including the upkeep of the interior and exterior also sends a powerful message about your business and can create a good (or bad) first impression.  From the roofing, to the plumbing, and just general upkeep, there are many common maintenance issues that need to be addressed for the reasons above. In this post, we explain some of the more common maintenance work we carry out for business owners here at Murchie Constructions.

1. Roof Inspections and Roof Repairs: A leaky roof can cause severe water damage throughout the business. This means as soon as you detect a leak, the sooner it’s dealt with the better, to avoid water damage and mould and mildew growth throughout the property. It’s also wise to schedule roof inspections on a regular basis to detect any problems with roofing and guttering systems before they become significant. Cracked or weathered roof cladding, poor drainage and other issues should always be inspected and addressed by a professional.

2. Masonry Maintenance: A common problem with masonry work can be moisture which seeps in or surface coatings which have deteriorated. There are many techniques we can use to prevent this including specialised coatings

3. Paintwork and Exterior Finishes – Nothing turns potential customers away faster than tatty, tired, peeling paintwork on the exterior of your building. We can refresh the paintwork and other exterior finishes to your business.

4. Flooring and Tiling Repairs – Cracked tiles, raised carpets, or worn scuffed timber floors don’t make the best impression for people coming into your business of office. As the single biggest surface in a home or business, you’ve got nowhere to hide from tired flooring. If you need help replacing flooring, resurfacing or restoring flooring we are the team to speak to.

5. Windows and Doors – Proofing windows and doors against air leakage can have a noticeable impact on your energy bills, making it easier and cheaper to heat and cool your business but also will enhance the physical security of your business. It’s also important that windows and doors are fully operational, are not jammed and easy to secure.

6. Repairs from Floods and Storm Damage – It’s been a busy year here in Bundaberg with our floods and storms that have damaged buildings. We have worked directly with businesses to repair building damages by floods and storms including using a number of measures to protect against future damage from floods and storms.

7. Plastering – If there’s uneven finishes, dents, holes and other issues with the plastering inside your business, it’s important that these are also addressed to provide a uniform and consistent finish along all walls of the business.

If your business is showing its true age, we also carry out comprehensive commercial and office fit out to bring your business into the modern era. From new fixtures and fittings, a smarter design and new features to increase the functionality of the space, the team at Murchie Constructions have the skills and knowledge to create attractive, functional and well-designed workspaces.

To find out more about how we can help you in regards to commercial building maintenance in Bundaberg and Mackay, contact our team today on (07) 4132 7777

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