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3 Ways a Retail Redesign Will Have Customers Flocking Back

Retail Redesign to Have Customers Coming Back

The internet is here and it’s not going away – no matter how much we wish it wasn’t so, the marketplace has expanded, competition is brutal and this post digital age, there are no prisoners, only victors. It’s a hard position for a bricks and mortar store to be in when convenience and price points are just a finger swipe away. While you should really get on that, refreshing your in-store design in these three audience grabbing ways might give you a fighting chance. Murchie Constructions are the experts in putting together the puzzle pieces other companies lay out for us – everybody from McDonalds to a number of prestige home designers have used our service to realise their visions. And we’ve learned a few things along the way…

Use the Space to Tell a Story

Consumers are no longer buying products when trading the online world for the real one – they need something more. Create you brand story in-store, incorporating the colours and quirks that make your business unique – it could be touchscreen interfaces to browse the coming soon section, a personal shopper app they can download to their smartphones in-store, a product decoder solution to ensure they make the right choice if they are “browse alone” type – anything to make your brand stand out and immerse your shoppers in your brand story.

Create a Welcoming Environment

If you own a boutique, take a look at your first five metres – what do customers see? What do they feel? Do they feel like another walking credit card? Are they greeted by smiling staff, easy listening music and tasteful, yet modern furniture? Do the colours complement each other or clash, or is there no colour at all? Identify your target demographic and cultivate an environment where they’d like to lose themselves for an hour or two, shopping and browsing. These days, it’s all about the experience.

Highlight Without Pushing

People hate to be marketed to. Advertising is everywhere now, infecting our airwaves, flooding our favourite websites and taking up more time on the TV than the scheduled transmission. So don’t join the fray. If you want to highlight a product or service, use your interior elements to do so, creating coloured zones or elevated regions that you want to stand out, decorate and accentuate, naturally drawing the eye. You are still marketing, but you’re harnessing the aesthetics of the space and building value in the mind of the customer, instead of replicating the loud, shouty advertising styles of yesteryear.

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