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Does your shop need a new shop fit out?

Does your shop need a new fit out?

If you own and operate a retail shop, you will want it to look its best. All shops need new fit outs at some stage, but you will need to decide if you are actually ready for one now. You will want the investment of money and time that you make, to return its self in other ways. There will need to be a specific purpose, and a goal that you want to achieve when you make the decision to install a new shop fit out.

Ask your staff for feedback

Talk to the staff members who actually work in your store. If you are not on the premises yourself on a regular basis, you will need to talk to the people who are. Your staff will be able to provide you with valuable feedback that will help you make the right choice about a new fit out.

Ask your staff specific questions including how efficient, comfortable and functional it is to work in the current environment. You might find that there are major issues with storage, occupational health and safety, or the positioning of equipment that allows them to complete important tasks. Your staff will let you know if features of your fit out are in need of maintenance or replacement, and then you can decide if you will simply repair or replace specific items, or invest in an entire new fit out.

Your staff will also be able to provide feedback on customer reactions to the current style and functionality of the shop. Can your customers access everything they need to, easily and safely? Are they impressed with the décor, or do they find it appalling and reminiscent of a different era?

Ask your customers for feedback

A smart and savvy customer survey will let you know what your current customers think of your store. Do not be afraid to ask them important questions that will help you determine areas of improvement. They can provide valuable information on their experience when they are shopping in the store which can be very beneficial when planning your next fit out.

You can also observe their behaviour while they are shopping. Do many of your customers enter the shop and quickly leave? Do many of your customers complain that they cannot find a product that is available on the floor? Simple questions such as these may highlight key areas that require attention.

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