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Space smart: Tips for designing effective and productive office spaces

Office Design Tips - Increase Productivity & Efficiency
Office Design Tips - Increase Productivity & Efficiency

The right office design can be fundamental to the success of your business, and how well your team works and interacts together. This means that the finding the right design is something that is essential important before starting office fit outs. We explain some considerations in terms of layout and design as well as different features than can be included in your office in this post.

Think Ergonomics

From the height of the work stations, to the angle of the computer screen and the seating, an office should always be designed with long term comfort in mind. And when it comes to furniture, we don’t recommend going with the cheapest option to save a few dollars as this can cause problems later down the track. A large and wide desk will also help employees manage different tasks at once.

Think Interaction

An effective office is one that facilitates interaction and collaboration. This means having a central and break out areas plus desks that face inwards and ideally a mixture of open plan and partitioned areas for private and public communication.

Think Company Brand

If your company has a brand identity this should not be missed in the colour scheme and feel of the office. For example a hi-tech industry would not be suited to vintage furnishings. Make sure the interior is designed with the branding of the business always in mind.

Think Future Growth

 An office refit should always account for future growth and expansion – after all isn’t that goal for most businesses. This means space for new team members but also storage, filing and

Think Natural Light and Air

Whether it’s adding a skylight or positioning windows opposite each other,  research has shown that natural air and light will help productivity and concentration when compared to darker offices. These office design tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to designing effective and productive office spaces. As office fit out specialists we can coordinate a stylish, functional and practical refurbished office that will work positively for your business. Contact the construction dream team today at Murchie Constructions and learn more about how we can help build your business! Phone (07) 4132 7777

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