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Office design and decoration trends for 2015

Office design and decoration trends for 2015

Are you planning to redesign or decorate your office in the year 2015? New trends may help you choose the changes you will implement in your workplace, so it looks great and functions well too. A well-designed workplace will be a pleasure for everyone involved. With the right office design, being at work will not feel like being at work!

Natural light is better

Where possible, let natural light flow in. Office workers will appreciate the natural glow of sunshine, compared with artificial lighting. Working under natural lights during the day will help support a green working environment, sustainability for the future, and cheaper running costs for your business. Your workers will also be more relaxed, feel less stressed and have less strain on their eyes.

Personalised work spaces

Instead of little cubicles that all look the same, allow your workspaces to be designed and decorated differently. They may be very flexible and have modular components that can be easily rearranged to suit the employee’s personal preferences. Work spaces can be more personal through the use of shelving and pin-boards to display photographs, so your employees feel closer to their children, family members and friends.

Relaxed communal areas

Encourage your employees to move around and interact with their team members, or even find a small space in which they can work privately without interruption. Create communal areas that anyone can use at any time, either in a large group, a small group, or alone. The furniture in these should be easily rearranged so each space is completely flexible. Many offices in 2015 encourage employees to use their portable devices and work away from their desk. This is good for the mind, body, and team collaboration.

Let nature grow

Native plants are highly popular in offices, as they are easy to maintain and are well-suited to Australian conditions. These plants can either be placed on balconies and entrances, or within the office itself. Try installing a growing wall or hanging plants from the ceiling.

Branded colour schemes

Decorate your office with the brand colours of your company. Step away from boring whites and neutral shades and go as bright as your logo is. A branded office colour scheme will set your office apart from others, and make your employees feel united within their workplace. Visiting clients and customers will also respond well to your efforts in being bold and professional.

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