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What is The Best Home Building Process?

What is The Best Home Building Process?

Building a home can be a challenging undertaking – there is a seemingly unlimited array of factors that must be accounted for and this can be somewhat daunting to those who have no experience in the field. This guide serves to outline some of the major aspects of the home building process and attempts to answer the question – what is the best home building process?

Choosing a builder

The very first step in the home building process is to choose builders with a dedication to quality that matches your ideals. Often, this involves finding an operator with considerable experience in your area – the more proficient operators will often have been established in the industry for a number of decades. There are a number of features that you ought to look for in choosing the best builder and some of these are listed below.

  • Industry connections

One of the features of a good building company is their industry recognition and the connections they maintain as a consequence. These connections allow for prospective builders to ensure that only the most adept designers, tradesmen, engineers and architects are consulted during the process. The result of this will usually be a streamlined building process with an optimum outcome.

  • Buying power

Buying power is somewhat related to industry connections and it is something that is typically only possessed by the well established amongst Queensland’s homebuilders. Buying power refers to a company’s ability to source building materials at the lowest possible price. In having a wealth of knowledge and experience, a proficient builder will know the best quality, most affordable suppliers and manufacturers. In sourcing the materials for you home from such providers, they are likely to save you a significant amount of money.

  • Reputation

It might seem rather cliché, but locating a builder with a good reputation is paramount in ensuring that the homebuilding process is ideal. It is advisable that you research a prospective company prior to contracting them and examine some of their previous constructions. Another very good indicator of repute is industry recognition or other such accolades. The better amongst Queensland’s builders have often received awards or recognition from such organisations as the Master Builders Association and this is indicative of a strong dedication to quality and a proficiency and skill to match.

Designing your home

The design stage of homebuilding is another rather arduous one and before undertaking any practical operation, it is advisable that you consult a reputable designer, engineer or architect. Upon sourcing a qualified and professional consultant, there are a number of factors that require consideration when determining how best to approach the design of your home.

  • Orientation

A home’s orientation within its block of land can have a direct bearing on its liveability, value and efficiency. As a general rule, a home ought to have a northerly aspect so as to allow for the greatest possible solar heating during winter months without any major compromise on comfort during the warmer summer periods.

  • Passive design

Passive design is the principle upon which low impact energy efficient homes are built. Maintaining a northerly aspect as mentioned above is a feature of passive design and contributes to your home’s energy efficiency by utilising natural sunlight to heat your home during the winter. Another feature to be aware of is window placement. Window placement ought to be done so as to best allow for cooling breezes to enter your home during the summer months, but with consideration for the trajectory of direct sunlight during summer, as direct sunlight can cause uncomfortable living conditions.

Taking the above-mentioned factors into account during the early stages of your home building process will set a solid foundation upon which the remaining tasks can be conducted efficiently and effectively. Arguably the most important of these stages is selecting the ideal builder as an efficient operator who will have a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a dedication to quality that matches your own.

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