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Features of a prestige home

Features of a prestige home

What makes a prestige home different from a standard development? What features of a home cause it to stand out on the street so people passing by are instantly impressed? Let’s explore options for making your new home elegant and stunning.


All quality homes are built with substantial pre-planning, so the construction process runs smoothly without any unexpected problems. Thinking ahead is thinking smart, and when everyone is involved in the pre-planning process there will be stronger levels of communication and everyone will be on the same page – headed towards magnificent results.

Personal touches

A prestige home will reflect the personalities and of the family members who will be living there. Personal touches that show of a unique approach to design will be evident throughout the building. The choice of colours and accessories is one way a family can express themselves, because even the smallest details will be noticed by the people who are living there.

Superior workmanship

Many different tradesman are involved in constructing and finalising a home, and all of them have their own skills and talents. A prestige home will be built by experienced and competent tradespeople who are passionate about their job and take pride in every area of their work. Their efforts in quality workmanship will be evident in the finer details of the home.

Beautiful gardens

Landscaping is essential in a prestige home, and it should be considered from the start of the development. Beautiful gardens can be easy to maintain, and do not need to cost a fortune to establish, but they will turn a building into a complete masterpiece and the family living there will appreciate the beauty that exists in both the inside and outside spaces.

Modern trends

Modern trends in a prestige home can include sustainable materials, open plan living, and the latest technologies for heating, entertainment and communication. When you design your home, consider the benefits that the latest trends can bring your family and how they can launch your home into the future of design.

Murchie Constructions takes pride in completing prestige homes as new developments or renovations. Call us today about your desired project on 07 4132 7777.

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