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Five Things You Need to Know about Quality Shop Fit Outs in Bundaberg

Quality Shop Fit Outs in Bundaberg

So, you’re going into business for the first time? Or maybe you have an established business and you’re looking to revamp an existing shop? Perhaps things are going so well for you that you’re looking to spread your wings and set up shop in a completely new location?

Whatever the reason, getting a quality shop fit out in Bundaberg is the most important investment you can make in the future success of your business. Creating a good first impression is imperative in drawing customers in to your shop and may be just the reason why a customer will chose your business over one of your competitor’s. Presentation should be your number one priority! Here’s five ways to ensure that you get a quality shop fit out in Bundaberg:

1. Experience is everything in quality shop fit outs

Why would you trust something as important as the future of your business to an inexperienced shop fitter? An inexperienced shop fitter won’t have honed their skills over a period of decades. They may be cheaper but what you save in using an inexperienced shop fitter you will eventually lose as a result of poor workmanship. They may be lacking in skills and trade qualifications. An inexperienced shop fitter won’t have built up a portfolio of completed jobs so you’ll be going in blind. You won’t really know what you’re getting yourself into. You won’t be able to go and inspect their work or talk to their previous clients in order to get an accurate picture of their workmanship. Choosing an experienced shop fitter is the best way to avoid the potential pitfalls that come from inexperience.

2. Put your trust in a trusted local for a quality job

Choosing a local shop fitter means that they’ll have good understanding of the competition that you’re up against. They’ll be able to access the contacts and suppliers that will guarantee the most competitive prices for your materials and fittings. They will have a reputation to vigorously defend and protect. Knowing your shop fitter is close by is comforting, especially in the initial opening phase of your business as you can rest assured that if something goes wrong, they are only a phone call away and can be on site quickly. Choosing a local means that they have something that a competitor might be lacking. In-depth knowledge of what makes the locals tick and what’s important to them.

3. Make an amazing first impression with your new look

Think outside the square! Be innovative! It’s not about fading into the background. But it takes courage and experience to go with something that’s different. If you want your shop to be eye-catching and really grab the attention of potential customers, you need to be able to trust in a shop fitter that will make that a reality for you. A quality shop fitter will sit down with you and talk about the type of impression you want to make and then help you bring that dream to life.

4. Planning and co-ordinating a quality shop fit out: Why a well-oiled machine is crucial

There’s no point engaging a shop fitter that will be late or over budget. When selecting your quality shop fitter, you need to consider whether they are going to work to a construction program and offer a fixed price contract so that your shop fit out won’t be disjointed and plagued by delays. You want to feel confident that every possible contingency has been accommodated in planning your shop fit out. Delays cost money. A one-stop shop will minimise the disruption that would otherwise be caused by a badly co-ordinated, poorly-planned project.

Quality shop fitters = a quality shop fit out

How do you guarantee quality in a shop fit out? The Building and construction industry is a fairly well-regulated one, but as in all industries there are good and bad. You can ensure that you’re getting a quality build and a great shop fit out if your shop fitter doesn’t just meet minimum standards but far exceeds them. Membership of the Master Builders Association of Queensland is voluntary but imposes significant obligations on members. Those responsibilities include:

  • making a commitment to continuous knowledge building
  • skills-based training
  • strict compliance with legislative responsibilities and ethical obligations.

Murchie Constructions has been established since 1966 and enjoys the type of reputation in the shop fitting industry that only comes with years of experience. We’ve got a proven track record of completing high quality shop fit-outs within tight time-frames and on budget for clients big and small. We’re also a proud member of the Master Builders Association of Queensland and a proud recipient of some of their top awards. Murchie constructions offers you a friendly one-stop shop for all of your shop fitting needs.

For exceptional, high quality shop fit outs, contact Murchie Constructions on 07 4132 7777.

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