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A Retail Revolution – The right fittings for sales success

Retail Redesign to Have Customers Coming Back
Retail Redesign to Have Customers Coming Back

Creating the right environment to showcase your products is an essential ingredient in the success of any retail business. After all - shopping is a highly visual experience, and the way a store looks from the outside is a big part of whether or not will be attractive for customers to enter. That’s where we come in. As one of central Queensland's leading shop fitters, servicing Bundaberg to Mackay, we know how to revolutionise your store. With the right design, fittings and fixtures we can help you showcase your products in their best light and refurbish your interior to creating a welcoming and appealing environment for your customers. In this post the team at Murchie Constructions explain how the right fixtures can transform your store we refit your business for sales success.

Winning with Window Displays

How are your windows looking in your store? Are they large, have room for standing displays and showcase some of your newest products? Your windows are a means of advertising and capturing the essence of your brand, and as the first impressions of the store it is essential that they are a feature in themselves. If they are lacking size, depth or grandeur or the wrong design for your business type, it could be time to rethink them.

Smart, Stable Shelving

Whether its clothes racks, or shelving – a retailer need the right shelving and stands that are both practical, attractive but also functional for the types of products they are selling. With looks only part of the equation, we help to work with businesses to find out exactly what their shelving needs are so our builders can custom create the right fixtures or we can find the right supplier who will. For some businesses like optometrists glass shelving may be an option to consider.

Display Cabinets

For businesses selling high end, delicate or feature items, investing in a glass display cabinet can be a smart idea not only from a security standpoint, but also to create an air of exclusivity about the products in the cabinet. Specialised lighting is also included to highlight the items in the cabinet and add visual appeal.

The All Important Counter

Finally the right counter is another essential thing for the smooth running and success of a business. A good design can also feature last minute products and be a great opportunity to upsell to customers. The right counter for a store should be attractive, functional and the right height for staff working there. As a general rule, the more storage behind the counter area the better! These are just some important considerations when giving planning the next facelift for your business. We have experience with hospitality, retail and office fit outs and we can design to perfectly suit the unique requirements of your business. To find out more call the Master Builders at Murchie Constructions today on (07) 4132 7777

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