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What To Look Out For During Home Inspections

What to Look Out For During Home Inspections

You've secured funds, looked at some options and you’re almost ready to make a decision! How’s the anticipation of a home inspection! But don’t let your excitement override the main reason for your visit: inspecting.

During your home inspection, you need to be as sharp as a tack – don’t let anything go unnoticed! We know – that’s easier said than done. So how can you make your next home inspection a bit easier? Well, the best way is to prepare a list of things to look out for. Luckily, we’ve made a start for you.

Doing a home inspection in Queensland? Look for mould

It’s no secret that Queensland is home to pretty serious humidity. And now that we are coming into summer, it’s only going to get worse! But you’re probably wondering how this affects your home inspections. Well, let us answer for you in one word: mould. Mould and humidity go hand in hand – there’s just no shaking them sometimes! But if the home you’re looking at seems caked in mould, it might not be a good choice. Normally this indicates poor ventilation or poor maintenance. Sometimes even both!

We all need electricity, so looking out for faulty electrical systems is a home inspection priority!

So you’re going through a nice home as a part of your home inspection tour. It looks great. So great, in fact, that you’re almost ready to make an offer. But not quite! There’s one more thing you need to look at and that’s electrical systems. Power outlets, switchboards, exposed wiring – basically anything you can see needs a good look. But remember, don’t touch anything that could be dangerous! If the wiring and outlets look a little out of date, that’s a good sign of potential failures and even electrical hazards!

Nobody wants to fork out more after the purchase! So check the plumbing in your home inspection

It’s every new homeowner’s nightmare: you buy a lemon and have to fork out more on repair costs! When your bank account takes one of the biggest hits it ever will, you need to let it rest and rejuvenate! This means buying a house that is in great condition and doesn’t need expensive repairs. So what is the main cause of costly post-purchase repairs? Plumbing! Rusty pipes, damaged hot water systems, and leaky taps can all indicate an out-dated plumbing system. And that’s not something you want to deal with if you can avoid it!

Don’t get caught out in the next storm! Use your home inspection to check the guttering

We’ve all seen what those summer storms can do! When they roll around and dump 40mm of water on your roof in a matter of hours, you want to be completely sure that your gutters are up to the challenge. If they’re not, your backyard could look more like a swimming pool! So have a look at the guttering during your home inspection – it could yield some interesting results.

Pests are a deal breaker – look for them carefully during a home inspection!

In terms of home hunting horror stories, none are more horrific than the ones involving termites! An insect capable of reducing a house to a pile of rotten timber? That’s something to be worried about! But there are other pests to consider too. So keep an eye out for them all during your home inspection. Better still, ask about any measures that have been put in place to guard against them. If there is, you can have a whole lot more confidence in your purchase, which will be better protected for the long run.

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