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6 Master Bedroom Design Tips For Your New Home!

6 Master Bedroom Design Tips For Your New Home!

Now that your new home is complete, you’re probably overwhelmed with excitement. The hard part is over! Now you get to have some fun designing luxurious living spaces and brilliant bathrooms.

But what about the one space that is yours and yours alone? Your master bedroom is all about you; unlike kitchens and bathrooms, the master bedroom’s sole purpose is to keep you comfortable. That means you have the opportunity to stretch your design prowess to its limits. But with so few restrictions, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we have developed a list of 6 master bedroom design tips – straight from our experts!

#1 Master bedroom design tips can help with space – try adding storage under your bed

Sometimes master bedrooms are the flagship of a new home, with an abundance of space and storage. But other times, space is a little less abundant. If you feel as though you might be a little short on storage, don’t worry – some of the best master bedrooms are on the smaller side. It’s simply a matter of getting creative with your storage solutions. And when it comes to creative storage solutions, under-bed storage is one of our favourites. When you choose a bed, opt for one with a bit of height. This will allow you to organise a basket storage system beneath your bed, which will free up a lot of space in the rest of your bedroom.

#2 Warm and comforting: Our best master bedroom design tips for your colour scheme

Design and colour go hand in hand. So choosing the right colour scheme for your master bedroom is absolutely paramount. Luckily, it’s pretty easy too! Because your master bedroom is your personal space, you can choose slightly mismatched or quirky colour schemes. The main thing to look for is a colour that is comforting – you don’t want your bedroom to be too loud. So give some thought to the colours that make you feel most at home and look at different ways to combine them.

#3 A list of master bedroom design tips wouldn’t be complete without lighting!

Lighting: it’s a trap for the unsuspecting, but with some basic tips it can be a powerful design tool. When you’re choosing lighting for your master bedroom, the key is to combine ample lighting with the right fittings. And don’t sell yourself short; you want to avoid having an overly dim bedroom at all costs. Our advice is to choose a few different light fittings and spread them around the room. This will give you a selection of lighting options, depending on what you feel like at any given time.

#4 A well-placed mirror is one of our more strategic master bedroom design tips

Another great tool for master bedrooms with a little less space to spare is a mirror. Not only do mirrors contribute to feelings of spaciousness, but they also help spread natural light. Of course, they are not useful in smaller bedrooms alone. Mirrors are also great additions to larger master bedrooms – they help add an extra dimension.

#5 Your bed frame makes a statement, so choose one you really like

It might seem subtle, but your bedframe is a key contributor to the ambience of your master bedroom. If you are looking to create a luxurious ambience, then a grand bedframe will be a great addition. But if you prefer more minimalistic master bedrooms, then a sleek contemporary bedframe will be a little more useful to you. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it!

#6 Divide your spaces: Set aside part of your master bedroom for sitting, reading, or even working

Finally, let’s talk space. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of creating a comfortable and personally fulfilling space in your master bedroom. And the way you divide your space is key to doing so. That’s why we recommend designating a sitting area in your master bedroom. Choosing a nice comfy chair and a rug to match is a great place to start. Add to that a nice lamp and scented candle on a small side table, and your space is complete. Relax and enjoy!

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