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Easy On The Wallet Kitchen Renovation Tips

Cheap kitchen renovation tips

Kitchen renovations – they’re among the most satisfying. They combine intricate details and aesthetic perfection, with solid practicality. But it usually comes at a price!

So if you feel that your kitchen needs some love, but you’re on a strict budget, what can you do? Our advice: think outside the square! Kitchen renovations needn’t be overly expensive. In fact, there are plenty of kitchen renovation tips that are easy on the wallet. To give you an idea of them, we’ve listed a few below.

Most kitchen renovation tips deal with colour scheme: why not make a paint job top of your list?

Renovations almost always come down to the colour scheme. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that no matter how perfect your fitting and fixtures are, a colour scheme can make or break the whole ensemble. So why not start with that? Paint might seem expensive, but as a one off purchase it sure beats an entire kitchen refit. If you apply a good coat of paint with some exciting new colour, you might find that your kitchen is not so bad after all. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult a specialist when choosing your paint – just to give it that extra edge.

Cabinet work is expensive: consider redoing the drawers and cupboard doors, not the whole thing

Cabinetry is a pretty big outlay in most kitchen renovations. And if you’ve done a lot of a research on kitchen renovation tips, you’ll probably know that nice cabinets are pretty high on the list. If you’re on a tight budget, that can seem like a bit of a deal breaker. But it doesn’t have to be. If your cabinets are in fine working order and only look a bit tired, you can probably get away with simply replacing the doors and drawers. After all, they are the only visible parts! This will save you a lot of money, and have an almost identical outcome.

One of our best kitchen renovation tips is new fittings – they can be stunning and affordable!

When it comes to kitchen renovation tips, the devil is in the detail. You will probably be amazed at how significant a difference you can make with some new fittings. Add some shiny new taps and maybe a beautiful big sink and your kitchen will seem like a different one entirely. The best part is that these fittings come in a huge range. So there’s almost certainly going to be some really nice options within your price range.

Floors need to be hardwearing: that’s why vinyl is one of our kitchen renovation tips for flooring

Flooring is normally something you would reserve for a really big kitchen renovation. As most kitchen renovation tips suggest, you should only replace flooring if you need to – unless your budget is far bigger than most! Still, flooring doesn’t last forever and there’s every chance you will need to replace your kitchen floors at some stage. And the most affordable way to do that is with vinyl. Vinyl flooring is perfect, as it is affordable, durable and good-looking. It also comes in a massive variety of styles – so get in touch with experts and check it out.

If can only use one of our kitchen renovation tips, consider a lighting revamp!

Of all our kitchen renovation tips, this one is probably our favourite: redo your kitchen lighting! Lighting can have a remarkable difference on the ambience and practicality of your kitchen. You will need an expert to fit your new lights, as electrical work cannot be done by anyone without the right qualifications. But it will still be more affordable than a complete rework of your kitchen!

For more great kitchen renovation tips, get in touch with us today.

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