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5 Expert Tips For Choosing A Commercial Builder

Choosing a Commercial Builder

Choosing a builder is challenging at the best of times! With so many builders around, it can be quite hard to make a decision. But choosing a commercial builder adds more still to your decision.

Commercial building projects are a lot different to residential ones. They have a few extra layers of complexity and that’s something you really have to consider when choosing a commercial builder.

So to help you out, we have drawn on our experience in the industry to develop this list. Hopefully, some of these tips will make your decision a little bit easier!

#1 Start by making a list: choosing a commercial builder will be easier with fewer choices

Let’s start with the basics of decision-making: create a list. Start with a bit of basic research. Look at things like online reviews, licences, accreditation and so on. When you’re developing your list, choose from the most likely candidates. And, most importantly, discount any commercial builders who aren’t licenced or who have consistently substandard reviews. At the end of this process, you should have a much smaller pool of high-quality candidates. From here on, choosing a commercial builder should be much easier!

#2 When you’re choosing a commercial builder, look for an experienced team

Now let’s go through your list and look at experience. Experience isn’t always an indicator of proficiency, but it’s a great starting point. Commercial building projects are pretty unique and each one has its own complexities. An experienced commercial building team will recognise that, and have plans in place to deliver great results every time. Experience also equates to industry contacts. That means that more experienced commercial builders are likely to have established suppliers who offer them good prices on materials. Not to mention reliable subcontractors, when necessary.

#3 Choosing a commercial builder who specialises in commercial projects is essential

We’ve mentioned a few times that commercial building projects are unique. So let’s deconstruct that a little. If you are getting construction work done on your business, you face two costs: the cost of the work, and the cost of any disruptions to your business. Good commercial builders know this, and they work around you as subtly as possible. This means that you are less likely to have your work interrupted by the construction. Not all builders have the experience, skills, and equipment to work in the most efficient way possible. So by choosing a specialist commercial builder, you are giving yourself the best chance of minimising any disruption of your business.

#4 Examples of their past work is always useful

Most commercial builders have a portfolio on their website for prospective clients to view. And that’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up! Looking at a builder’s past work is very useful when you’re choosing a commercial builder. You can keep an eye out for the quality of their work, and its complexity. That should give you a good idea of whether a potential builder is suitable for you.

#5 Chat with your builder in person

Finally, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face chat when choosing a commercial builder. Once you’ve really narrowed down your list, you should go and visit their office. This will give you an excellent opportunity to speak with them in depth about what they offer. A good commercial builder will be upfront about their services, and they should be able to offer you some idea of what they can do with your project. After your chat, the decision should be easy! So if you’re choosing a commercial builder for your next project, don’t stress – just follow these tips and you’ll end up with the best.

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