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5 Common Home Décor Mistakes To Avoid

Home Décor Mistakes

Home decorating is an integral part of the renovation process. And it can be very rewarding too. But that doesn’t always mean it’s easy – there are actually a lot of home décor mistakes that you need to be wary of.

So how can you tell if you’re making these home décor mistakes? There are a few clear signs that your home décor might be a little off.

The first of these is proportion; your home and its interior should feel proportioned and well balanced. If it doesn’t, you might want to rethink a few of your design choices. To help you get a clear idea of what not to do before you embark on your home decoration odyssey, we’ve put together this list of home décor mistakes. Hopefully, it helps bring you one step closer to the perfect interior!

A lot of home décor mistakes involve furniture selection, but furniture placement is important too!

When you think home décor and furniture, you probably think about the furniture itself. However, while selection is important, it’s not everything. You also need to think about placement. You could have the most stunning lounge setting imaginable, but if it is not well positioned it can spoil a room. So how do you position your furniture effectively? Think of your furniture as the frame of your living spaces. If you have a TV unit against a wall and a rug in front of it, you should place your furniture in such a way as to frame that space. Basically, you want to distinguish that area, without cutting it off from the rest of your home.

A lot of home décor mistakes are caused by a lack of good storage – so plan your storage carefully

This mistake is a common one, and there’s an interesting reason why. A lot of people mistake home décor as being all about the looks. And to an extent, it is. But, you also have to think pragmatically – that’s where storage comes into it. If you don’t have enough storage, then your room will become cluttered and detract from the decor. So make sure your next renovation project includes some creative storage solutions.

Overly dark cushions, rugs, and furniture are all home décor mistakes – here’s why

Dark shades underpin a lot of home décor projects. When they’re used well, they can create a moody and ambient space, with modern overtones and subtle depth. But when you over-rely on dark shades, you commit another one of the most common home décor mistakes. Too many dark shades can be overpowering. So use them in a targeted way; apply dark shades as the foundation of your room, then use pops of colour to brighten it up and give it character. Normally, this colour will come from things like cushions and rugs – so try not to make them too dark.

Most home décor mistakes are caused by an imbalance – try and balance your styles to avoid this

Home décor and balance go hand in hand. Try not to mix your styles too much, or be too clinically coordinated. Instead, exercise some discretion to avoid home décor mistakes involving balance. A good place to start is finding some compatible styles and mixing maybe two or three. This is normally enough to add some quirkiness without becoming chaotic.

Curtains are a focal point in most living rooms, so make sure yours are carefully chosen

Like we mentioned earlier, practicality is a big part of home décor. But it can also be the source of some home décor mistakes. And one such mistake is the heavy curtain. Curtains are important for privacy and lighting, but going too heavy can overpower your room a little. That’s why we recommend sticking with neutral shades if you’re going for a block-out curtain. This will keep things a little lighter and it will stop your curtains from stealing all the limelight.

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