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A Guide To Home Inclusions And Optional Extras

A Guide To Home Inclusions And Optional Extras

When you choose to build a new home, you should be confident that the new build will include everything you need. The design and finishes should also meet your expectations. One of the benefits of building a new home is that everything will be brand new, featuring the colours, materials and appliances you chose. But it’s important to understand that the home you’re building may ...

Home Building Trends in 2017

Home Building Trends 2017

New home on the horizon? If you’re after an on-trend home, it’s time to ditch plans for an all-white, high gloss kitchen, neutral grey walls and copper accents. 2017 has arrived with a bang. Get ready for an explosion of unique materials, colours and textures that’ll wow you if you care more for setting the pace than following the flock. Here’s the most exciting home building t ...

Why you need experienced home builders in Bundaberg

Why you need experienced home builders

Bundaberg is a great place to build your own home; affordable land prices, beautiful scenery and a great lifestyle all contribute to Bundaberg’s appeal. However, building a new home does require quite a lot of planning and attention to detail, which can be a challenge for first home buyers or those who have not built their own home before. To make sure that the process runs as ...

Choosing a Builder in Bundaberg: What to Look For

Choosing a Builder in Bundaberg: What to Look For

Bundaberg is a rapidly growing town and a large proportion of its growth can be seen in the building sector. The growing population has increased demand for new homes, businesses and infrastructure and with this, there has been considerable growth in the building industry as a whole. This presents both positive and negative implications; an abundance of builders means that Bun ...

Quality Shop Fit Outs in Bundaberg

Five Things You Need to Know about Quality Shop Fit Outs in Bundaberg

So, you’re going into business for the first time? Or maybe you have an established business and you’re looking to revamp an existing shop? Perhaps things are going so well for you that you’re looking to spread your wings and set up shop in a completely new location? Whatever the reason, getting a quality shop fit out in Bundaberg is the most important investment you can make ...

Shop Fit Outs Bundaberg – Going into Business?

Shop Fit Outs Bundaberg – Going into Business?

You’ve long dreamed of casting off the shackles and drudgery of working for someone else. You want to go into business for yourself. You’ve made the sacrifices, drawn up, tossed aside and re-imagined your business plan. You’ve talked to the bank and now you have the money to make that dream a reality. Here you are, in the homestretch and you can almost taste your success as it ...

Office design and decoration trends for 2015

Office design and decoration trends for 2015

Are you planning to redesign or decorate your office in the year 2015? New trends may help you choose the changes you will implement in your workplace, so it looks great and functions well too. A well-designed workplace will be a pleasure for everyone involved. With the right office design, being at work will not feel like being at work! Natural light is better Where possible ...

Features of a prestige home

Features of a prestige home

What makes a prestige home different from a standard development? What features of a home cause it to stand out on the street so people passing by are instantly impressed? Let’s explore options for making your new home elegant and stunning. Pre-planning All quality homes are built with substantial pre-planning, so the construction process runs smoothly without any unexpected ...

Building maintenance

7 Building Maintenance Responsibilities for Business Owners

Like our homes, businesses will require periodic building maintenance to ensure not only safety but also the smooth operation of the business. The maintenance of a building including the upkeep of the interior and exterior also sends a powerful message about your business and can create a good (or bad) first impression.  From the roofing, to the plumbing, and just general upkee ...

Retail Redesign to Have Customers Coming Back

3 Ways a Retail Redesign Will Have Customers Flocking Back

The internet is here and it’s not going away – no matter how much we wish it wasn’t so, the marketplace has expanded, competition is brutal and this post digital age, there are no prisoners, only victors. It’s a hard position for a bricks and mortar store to be in when convenience and price points are just a finger swipe away. While you should really get on that, refreshing you ...

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